Becoming a Clinical Psychologist in Malaysia

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August 18, 2022

Becoming a clinical psychologist in Malaysia requires a master’s degree. Different government departments have different educational requirements for employment. Applicants are encouraged to inquire about these requirements from human resources departments and from their former colleagues to ensure that their qualifications meet the minimum standards. The following information is provided for prospective students and graduates in Malaysia. Read on to learn more about the career opportunities available for psychologists in government hospitals and how to get started. In addition, you can explore the entry requirements for becoming a clinical psychologist in Malaysia.

Salary range for a clinical psychologist in Malaysia

A Clinical Psychologist in Malaysia can earn an average salary of MYR 108,809 per annum, or about RM52 an hour. This salary range is based on years of experience. The highest-paid clinical psychologists have at least a Master’s degree and are likely to have several years of experience. In addition, salaries for this profession tend to increase steadily, with an average annual increment of 14%.

The Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology (MSCP) is the professional association for clinical psychologists in Malaysia. It was established in 2009 to promote the profession and provide the public with the means to judge whether a clinical psychologist is qualified and competent to practice in the country. While there are plenty of full-time clinical positions in government-funded health systems, most clinical psychologists opt to start their own private practices. In these practices, they split their fees with a practice owner. Their monthly income depends on the number of clients they see per month. Several practitioners often work at multiple practices.

Entry requirements to study psychology in Malaysia

If you wish to pursue a career in psychology, you need to fulfill certain requirements before you can begin your studies in Malaysia. These requirements vary by programme. For example, a Diploma in Psychology requires a minimum CGPA of 2.0. You can also waive the credit requirement at the SPM level if you have an equivalent degree. The entry requirements are decided by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, which publishes a Comparison List of International Qualifications with SPM and STPM.

There are various courses you can choose from to further your studies. Some of these courses concentrate on research, while others are more applied. In either case, the duration of study varies from one program to another. In addition to studying in university, you will also have to complete an internship for 16 weeks to gain experience. In addition to this, you need to have a strong analytical and problem-solving ability in order to be successful in your chosen program.

Career options for a clinical psychologist in Malaysia

There are several career paths for a clinical psychologist in Malaysia. There are educational psychologists as well, who work to improve the learning experience and support programs of students. Although some people assume that foreign-trained psychologists are of higher quality, the quality of psychology education in Malaysia is on par with the international standards. As such, the opportunities for a career as a clinical psychologist are abundant. In Malaysia, a clinical psychology degree can lead to a rewarding and well-paying career.

If you want to practice as a clinical psychologist, you should have a doctorate degree in psychology. You can start your career as a clinical psychologist by gaining a Master’s degree. A master’s degree in clinical psychology is generally a two-year course involving academic courses, practicums and internships, and a research thesis. The program must also include relevant diagnostics and psychotherapeutic techniques, which will allow you to provide psychological evaluations to patients.

Career opportunities for a clinical psychologist in government hospitals

If you are interested in a career as a clinical psychologist in government hospitals, you should consider a variety of options. In some government hospitals, you can work as a departmental administrator or chief psychologist. You will be responsible for the supervision of other psychologists. However, this position does require significant time and commitment. In return, you can earn a higher salary and get a chance to have more responsibility.

A clinical psychologist is a doctor who specializes in treating mental health disorders. While they are not medical doctors, clinical psychologists do not prescribe medication. Some states, however, allow licensed psychologists to prescribe certain medications. Clinical psychologists work with patients of all ages, and some specialize in specific psychological disorders or chronic illnesses. They can also work with college students or school children with learning disabilities. If you are passionate about working with special populations, you might also consider a career in community-based organizations.