Interior Design Malaysia 101: All the Basics You Need to Know

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March 6, 2020
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The interior design Malaysia was crafted with a concept of contemporary urban and practical function. A very popular destination for the young and the hip crowd is the Kuala Lumpur. With an influx of highly qualified people, the Kuala Lumpur today offers cutting edge amenities for its residents and visitors. One of the most influential design trends in the modern Malaysia, especially in the interior designing world, is to utilize the modern state of the art facilities available.

The leading interior design school of Malaysia, the Gold Coast Academy of Interior Design, emphasizes on using technology to enhance both the interior design of a residence and the services provided by the interior designer. Interior design Malaysia is a popular choice for those looking to specialize in various residential design areas. Interior design Malaysia courses are offered at several colleges across the country and the most popular institutes are those that take traditional Malaysian home architecture as their key focus.

Take Criticism As A Way To Improve

The Gold Coast Architecture School offers degrees in two main types of home designs. There is the exterior type of design which addresses details such as the facade, decking, lighting, interior finishes, and doors and windows, while the interior design type focuses on the decoration of the interiors. Both types offer the same degree course work and the focus of the curriculum is on interior and exterior design.

Interior designers in Malaysia specialize in designing different living spaces such as the living room, dining room, bedroom, family room, family area, lounge, study, and the outdoors. Interior design Malaysia can be attained through courses which can be obtained either online or offline. Some of the leading interior design schools include the Baitul Muziah, Nakkah, Jalan Apia, Damansara, Rasaan Engineering, PJ Academy, Ngoh Fost, and other.

At the moment, it is possible to complete an interior design course in Malaysia through online courses. Qualified interior designers and architects can get hold of their course certificates from various schools, both offline and online. The rising popularity of online courses in interior design has caused the prices of the actual course materials to increase substantially. For this reason, it is important to compare the prices of various online courses before enrolling for one.

It’s Not Hard Nor Easy

A popular interior design school in Malaysia is the Gold Coast University’s Baitul Muziah. This school caters to a wide range of specialized home interior design training in Malaysia and Asia. When it comes to interior design courses, this is one of the best ones available.

Also the National Design Centre Malaysia has set up its highly acclaimed Oriental Language Institute in accordance with its international standards. Besides offering interior design courses, this institute also offers computer-aided design and different service programs. Students enrolled at this institute get the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in interior design and home building in this era.

Last but not least, we have the Lido Design Group, a renowned design school and the most renowned interior design Malaysia. To keep up with the newest trends in the industry, students at this academy can choose from a wide range of interior design courses including a Bachelor of Design, Architectural Design and Interior Design.

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